Here I am…


Northern Hemisphere. North America. United States. West Coast. Pacific Northwest. Cascadia Bioregion. Washington State. Western Washington. King County.


This is where I was born and where I have lived my life. It wasn’t until last year that I discovered the psyche of Seattle. Inspired by two obscure fields of study, ecopsychology and terrapsychology, I realized that there was so much more to my home, and my relationship to it than I had ever imagined.

This site will host some of my thoughts, inspirations, revelations, and discoveries as I continue to explore the more subtle dimensions of the Seattle region. If you have stories to share, please do.

Sensing Seattle is my master’s thesis. Click the link to download.

I also intend to share how I identify with the wild and place: what influenced my ecological identity, whether through the wilderness, the urban, or the wildness of art and words. So poetry and sketches and vignettes of my life will crop up and peek through I have no doubt.


2 thoughts on “Here I am…

  1. Greetings!

    I’m enjoying exploring your rich and interesting website; thank you for the inspiration and reminder to look deeply around right in this moment, in this very place where I stand.

    I read an interview with Gary Snyder recently that you may find of interest; he contemplates place, the natural world and connection so often in his poetry and in his conversation. In the interview, he recalls being a child north of Seattle and feeling deep connection to the woods surrounding them: “… I felt as welcome and as much at home in the forest, second-growth forest growing back, as I did anyplace else, and I was comforted by it…So I grew up [with] a natural conviviality and sympathy and sense of belonging in the whole natural world.”

    Here’s a link to the interview for your enjoyment:

    All the best to you on this good path you’re on! I look forward to continuing to read and consider.

    • Emily,

      Thank you for this. I am wondering about the difference between “environmental” and “ecological” because I have an almost opposite sense. I have a book of his essays that I mean to tackle sometime.

      Thank you so much for taking time and visiting me here!!

      Convivially yours 🙂

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